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Choose the Right Trial Attorney for your Car Accident in Delaware? Dan Fagan: Trial lawyers laughing on way to the bank You...

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Delaware's Top Personal Injury Lawyers.

Examining The Preferred Timeline For A Personal Injury Lawsuit Accidents that lead to personal injury are associated with high levels of...

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Donald Trump needs to be stopped

Trump legal team reflects their chaotic client Trump's attorneys are beginning to look as undisciplined as their disruptive client. The emerging...

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Were you the victim of a Car Accident and injured?

Choose the Right Trial Attorney for your Car Accident in Delaware?

Are you in need of a Trial Lawyer? | We have the best in the business with decades of experience in Delaware Chancery, Supreme and Criminal Courts.

Are you in need of a Trial Lawyer? | We have the best trial lawyers in the business with decades of legal experience.

Dan Fagan: Trial lawyers laughing on way to the bank

You can typically tell how well an industry is doing by the money it spends on advertising. Have you watched daytime TV lately? Just about every commercial features a personal injury attorney guaranteeing a big check if you just give them a call.

Just as turning on the light in the middle of the night in a dirty Louisiana kitchen and seeing cockroaches scatter reveals a nasty bug problem, daytime TV shows our personal injury lawyer infestation.

We’ve got so many lawyers now they’re using their commercials to fight among themselves. Baton Rouge trial lawyer Eric Guirard recently ran a commercial depicting an actor bearing rival attorney Gordon McKernan’s likeness falling off a big rig truck while filming a commercial. Stay classy, personal injury attorneys.

Opinions will vary whenever government gets involved in litigation with business.

A new study released by the U.S. Chamber’s Institute for Legal Reform found no other state in the nation is more personal injury lawyer-friendly than Louisiana. “Louisiana’s lawsuit climate has hit rock bottom,” said ILR President Lisa A. Rickard. “The state’s long history of litigation abuse and the questionable integrity of its courts hurt everyone by holding back more robust job growth and investment.” Louisiana’s high threshold for jury trials drives a lot of lawsuit abuse. A jury trial requires at least a $50,000 claim. That’s the highest in the nation. Maryland has next highest with a threshold of $15,000. Our state’s high threshold motivates trial lawyers to jack up the size of their claims. As a result, Louisiana claims are twice as high as the national average.

No wonder auto insurance rates in Louisiana went up 8 percent last year and are the second highest in the nation. The average premium is close to $2,000 a year. Someone has to pay for those vacation homes trial lawyers are fond of buying. Our lawsuit abuse problem also drives away jobs. Why would a business, especially one with deep pockets, locate to a state so badly in need of tort reform? Why would the oil industry invest more money in our state when it is so vulnerable to lawsuit abuse? Who knows how much new investment and resulting jobs we are losing out on.

Louisiana’s lawsuit climate was ranked as the worst in the country in a survey released Tues…

The report also found Louisiana trial lawyers benefit from what is called pay-to-play. Politicians often reward trial lawyers donating to their campaign with big-money government contracts to sue businesses and major industries at taxpayer expense. Our nation’s capital has nothing on Louisiana when it comes to a vibrant swamp with slimy creatures crawling around grasping for taxpayer money. And as you might suspect, New Orleans is getting in on the action. The Chamber study reports only three cities in America are more personal injury attorney-friendly than New Orleans.

It is true insurance companies have their well-paid lawyers. But the Chamber study offers strong evidence things are out of whack and the advantage is bent toward personal injury attorneys. The study is backed up by the fact that Louisiana auto insurance rates are so high.

For any of this to change, Gov. John Bel Edwards would have to sign off on meaningful tort reform legislation. He has shown no inclination. Clearly, trial lawyers are fond of Edwards, donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to him. They gave him close to $700,000 during his campaign for governor and an additional $328,000 since 2008. The governor will need their support when he runs again.

Trail lawyers have long been an important part of the Democratic Party’s fund-raising efforts, along with “Big Labor” and “Big Environment.” As long as we have a Democrat in the governor’s mansion, the chances we’ll see tort reform and our auto insurance rates drop is not likely. But then again, tort reform was also elusive under eight years of Bobby Jindal.

You have to hand it to trial lawyers. They know their way around the courts and the halls of the Louisiana Legislature. Their cabal is strong, powerful, and influential. They are laughing all the way to the bank, and we all are paying the price for their cash-infused party.

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Top Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers

Examining The Preferred Timeline For A Personal Injury Lawsuit

Accidents that lead to personal injury are associated with high levels of stress and trauma. If you are involved in such an accident, you may immediately start thinking of filing a lawsuit against the party at fault. However, acting emotionally without taking the time to fully consider your path forward may cause you to make the wrong move and eventually lose your case. For anything more than a fender bender, it’s vital to employ an attorney before you talk to the insurance company. But as with anything, some lawyers are better than others. Here’s a rundown on the typical process when you have a personal injury claim.

Personal Injury Timeline Article | Top Personal injury lawyers near me Newark DE

New Castle, Sussex and Kent County Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers Suffering an injury due to the carelessness of another in New Castle, Sussex and Kent County, Delaware can change the course of your life forever. Having to endure an injury in New Castle, Sussex and Kent County, Delaware can compromise many areas of your life. Your financial security can be threatened as you may face extraordinary medical bills, medication costs and lost income from missing work. You will also have to focus on recovering so that you can get your life back on track. It is important to understand that you do not have to face this alone. A skilled New Castle, Sussex and Kent County Delaware Injury Attorney can help you through this trying time.

Auto Accident in Delaware, Pennsylvania or Maryland (in Any State) 101: Go To The Hospital

Your first destination after an accident is not your lawyer’s office but to a good hospital nearby in Delaware, Pennsylvania or Maryland. Seek medical attention whether you were involved in a car accident or slipped and fell. If you do not go to the hospital first, the insurance company will dismiss your claim. Insurance companies argue that there was no injury if the defendant did not seek medical attention.

Choose A Good Personal Injury Lawyer in Delaware, Pennsylvania or Maryland (in Any State)

If you do not have a personal lawyer, you need to identify a qualified lawyer who can help you with the claim. The CEO of KRW Personal Injury Lawyers advises people to ask for help from family and friends when choosing a good lawyer. You may not make a sound decision when lying on a hospital bed. However, a family member or close friend can help you identify a competent lawyer, especially those that specialize in personal injuries.

Initial Investigations

Your Personal Injury Lawyer in Delaware, Pennsylvania or Maryland (in Any State) or attorney will start investigating the case immediately. He or she will ask a ton of questions about the accident. Ensure that you answer all the questions accurately and give as much information as you can remember from the accident or incident. Your lawyer will also ask for your medical records, bills, medical history, and other medical information that relates to the case. Your Newark DE Personal Injury attorney will review all this information and let you know whether they believe you have a case or not.

Filing An Insurance Claim

Small injuries are in most cases settled out of court, especially ‘slip and fall’ incidents. The Wilmington DE Personal Injury lawyer at this stage makes a demand to the other party’s insurance company or lawyer. If the claim is for less than $10,000, most insurance companies will settle it without too much trouble. If the case goes to small claims court, they’re unlikely to appeal a ruling in your favor. If the accident led to a permanent or serious injury, a good lawyer will file a lawsuit instead. Lawyers make a demand when the plaintiff reaches the maximum medical improvement (MMI) level. This means that the plaintiff has completed his or her treatment and is in the best medical condition he or she can attain.

It may take a longer period to reach this level but the court may undervalue the case if your lawyer files a case before then. Sometimes lawyers file a case before the plaintiff reaches the MMI point if he or she needs money to complete treatment.

Filing A Lawsuit

Your Personal Injury attorney will use the information and evidence gathered about your injury to file a lawsuit. The process of filing a lawsuit is different in every state. In most cases, it takes one to two years after filing a lawsuit for the case to go to trial. The lawyer must observe the time limits that apply to your state. Hence, you need to choose a lawyer who understands the legal procedures and restrictions of personal injuries in your state.

The Discovery Process

After filing a lawsuit, the attorneys on both sides will start investigating the legal claims and the corresponding defenses. Delaware Personal Injury Attorneys exchange document requests and interrogatories. The attorneys are simply asking for all the information that the other side will present in court, including witnesses. The main witnesses, in this case, are the defendant and plaintiff as well as anyone who was there at the time of the incident. The discovery process can take six months to a year depending on the case and the deadlines that the court gives.

The Mediation Stage

This stage is also referred to as the ‘alternative dispute resolution’ stage. After reviewing the claims and defenses, attorneys will pursue a settlement before going to trial. Usually, both parties are able to come to an agreement without any outside intervention. However, sometimes one or both parties will seek the help of a mediator.


If the negotiations at the mediation stage do not lead to a settlement, the case goes to trial. This is a rare occurrence; most parties would rather settle before the case gets this far. However, if an insurance company’s offers are not acceptable to you as the plaintiff, a trial is the end game. It may last an afternoon, a day, a week or longer depending on the complexity of the case. Personal injury cases that involve large amounts of money may drag for months or years but those for small amounts are settled quickly.

As you can see, this process is long and involved. That’s why the most important decision after an injury is to get a good attorney as you seek medical attention. Consult or ask for referrals where necessary to ensure that a competent attorney is handling your case. They don’t typically ask for money up front, so if an attorney decides to take your case, that means they believe you have a good chance at receiving significant compensation. Your lawyer will guide you through the process and do their utmost to ensure that you obtain a satisfactory settlement in or out of court. Call Us Today to get all the Legal Help you Deserve!

Is Trump finally Fried or Will his Lawyers will help him out?

Trump legal team reflects their chaotic client

Image result for TRUMP

Trump’s attorneys are beginning to look as undisciplined as their disruptive client. The emerging picture of his legal defense seems more chaotic than coordinated, one that could aggravate his legal problems rather than solve them. It also cannot help but stir private chatter among lawyers who have previously represented top officials over whether Trump’s team is up to the task of defending a president under scrutiny by a crack team of federal investigators.

The latest: A New York Times report about White House infighting over documents sought by the Russia special counsel that featured an overheard luncheon conversation between Cobb, one of Trump’s personal lawyers, and Dowd at a popular Washington restaurant just steps from the Times’ Washington bureau.

Cobb, hired to manage the administration’s Russia defense, was heard talking loudly to Dowd, one of Trump’s personal lawyers, about a dispute over materials sought by the special counsel investigating connections between Trump and the Russian election interference.

Differences between Cobb, who was said to be interested in releasing as many documents as possible to bring the inquiry to a swifter end, and White House counsel Don McGahn appeared to have triggered the dispute. According to the Times, Cobb talked about a White House lawyer he regarded as “a McGahn spy” and said McGahn had “a couple documents locked in a safe” that Cobb apparently wanted. The Times reported that Cobb, in an interview, later praised McGahn and played down any conflict over documents.

The front-page report shocked experienced litigators who have been involved in past presidential investigations. The revelations appear wholly counterproductive to the Trump defense in the specific investigation and also in the public eye. And the episode offered the latest example of a legal team that seems ill-prepared to counter a high-powered federal investigation overseen by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Yet Trump’s attorneys have their defenders. “Cobb and Dowd are very experienced lawyers,” said lawyer Ross Garber, a white-collar crime specialist who has represented three US governors facing impeachment proceedings and worked previously with Cobb.

“They’ve spent a lot of time on significant investigations and congressional inquiries. It’s easy for lawyers who aren’t involved to second-guess decisions of those actually doing the work. Having said that, this is difficult, nuanced, challenging stuff.”

The Cobb-Dowd conversation might offer Mueller an avenue to pursue Mueller suspects the White House is withholding materials. He might possibly question Cobb about documents secreted away in a safe or elsewhere. Mueller already appeared to be focusing on possible obstruction of justice by Trump and his associates related to the Russia probe.

Mueller came to the job after Trump in May fired James Comey, then the FBI director and the individual who had been running the investigation.

Even if the episode at the Washington restaurant does not become part of Mueller’s investigative trail, it calls into question the judgment of Trump’s leading lawyers as they discussed the white-hot Russia probe.

Experienced counsel usually watch what they say about sensitive matters when others are within earshot, in elevators, restaurants, on planes and trains. That’s particularly true in Washington, where it seems a journalist or political rival is around every corner — or at the next table.

Monday’s reported indiscretion recalled other clumsy, if potentially less consequential, news accounts involving Trump’s lawyers this summer.

Last month after the deadly demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia, Dowd forwarded an email that compared Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee to US President George Washington and that said the activist movement Black Lives Matter “has been totally infiltrated by terrorist groups.” Earlier, Marc Kasowitz, a New York-based personal lawyer to Trump, was caught in a profanity-laced email rant that he sent to a stranger after the individual urged him to resign from representing Trump. “F*** you,” Kasowitz said in his initial response. In a second message, Kasowtiz said, “Watch your back, bitch.”

Jay Sekulow, another attorney representing Trump in the Russia investigation, denied in a CNN interview that Trump was involved with crafting a misleading statement about Donald Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with a Russian lawyer. It soon emerged that the President apparently had dictated the misleading statement. Sekulow, a conservative advocate, has specialized in anti-abortion, religious rights litigation, not white-collar or government investigative matters

Of the attorneys trying to help Trump with the Russia probe, Cobb and Dowd appear to offer the most relevant expertise, after decades of white-collar criminal work in Washington. In the 1990s, Dowd represented Republican Arizona Sen. John McCain in an ethics investigation; McCain was cleared in the Senate probe surrounding the so-called Keating Five. Cobb, a former federal prosecutor, was a partner in the investigations practice of the Hogan Lovells law firm.

Yet neither man has brought in teams of associates. The White House had earlier tried to hire on a big-name litigator with the resources of a large firm. One overriding reason seems to be a lack of confidence that any attorney would be able to control this client or the case. Trump has a reputation for ignoring advice and for making public statements — on Twitter, especially — that may be counterproductive, such as with challenges to his travel ban.

In the end, Trump’s lawyers will likely be measured by how they fight off any possible charges. In the meantime, however, the task is to minimize — not increase — any criminal exposure.

Lawyers are expected to put out fires for their clients, not start them with their own blunders.